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Welcome to the Best Text to Speech Voices – Natural TTS voices!

Amazing Text-to-Speech Technology!

We are HIRING!
Do you want to join world’s top TTS team and become a part of INNOETICS family?
Talent, creativity and thirst for knowledge are required!
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World's most advanced synthetic speech technology!

We are proud to offer solutions that integrate our award-winning Text-to-Speech technology!

We develop character-full and expressive synthetic voices that can read aloud audiobooks, act in games, or even narrate fairy tales!

Our synthetic voices are the perfect match for any application that needs to integrate synthesized speech, either on-the-fly or offline.

Please note that certain voices are only available in specific products or services while others may be at an experimental stage.

* For demo purposes only. No other use is allowed.

Listen to our synthetic voices

Fast Synthetic Voice Development


You can now use our advanced Speech Synthesis technology on your computer for listening to your documents or for integrating it with third-party software such as screen readers or audiobook publishers.


We offer kits and APIs that are a perfect match for developers who seek to enhance accessibility or voice-enable their projects. You can now benefit from our top-ranked TTS solutions at the most affordable prices.


Whether you want to add synthetic speech to your platforms, voice enhance your website, integrate TTS into your projects or have a branded synthetic voice for your services, innoetics will be your favorite partner.

A single technology, infinite applications!

We provide solutions for end-users, enterprises, hardware and software developers that can benefit from synthetic speech.

Click on the image to view some indicative applications of Text-to-Speech technology.

Confused with what is best for you? Not with us!

We offer Text-to-Speech solutions in several licensing and pricing schemes for developers, businesses and end-users. Use the “Customer vs Solutions” table to identify yourself and select the solution that best matches your case. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!

Today, 07/07/17 we’re announcing that after 10+ years of helping our customers utilize best-in-class synthetic voices, we will be discontinuing INNOETICS’ current services. We are very thankful for the customers that we have had over these years and we are very excited about the opportunities ahead!